"This presentation and concept speaks volumes to the importance of relationship hygiene like brushing your teeth or working out. It's a must for all couples!"

"It was a great series. Thought provoking."

"Great suggestions to try out at home, very enthusiastic, easy to listen to."

"Fantastic experience. Glad I attended."

"This has been very beneficial to my spouse and me. We need more dialogue like this to open us up to each other. Thank you so much for making this available to us. I am only sad that this is the last session for now. Please offer more in future and email me where & when."

"It was eye opening & informative; very helpful."

"Very impressed that the City of Franklin would have the vision to provide this to their community-recognizing that community happiness starts at home. Wonderful candid speaker."

"Really makes you want to succeed in marriage relationships!"

"Very informative and to the point or what most couples fail to recognize and talk about. To realize that they can effectively change things without permanent damage to their relationship."

"Having some practical advice on how to communicate is going to be a blessing for me. Not something that comes easily - great advice."

"Made me think about working harder on our marriage."

"Enjoyable, easy to understand. Bill was funny and made us feel relaxed. Really enjoyable! Bill should do TED TALKS."

"I'm 88 years-married twice (20 years & 40 years). Fantasize what it would have been like if I had been subject to this information 75 years ago."

"Great Info—keep sharing this great program! Looking forward to applying what I've learned to improve my relationships."

"This was very informative and eye opening. It was well researched and pleasantly presented. It was highly educational with tools to put the course content into practice."

"This is the base couples need to have a joyous relationship. We spend so much time at work and raising families it was great to take 4 weeks, for 1.5 hours to remind ourselves and learn how to be happy and loving with each other."

"I have begun using many of the tools learned in the seminar and it has made a big difference in how I view relationship with my partner as well as others."

"Encouraged me to be more verbal in expressing my needs and wants and feeling satisfied that I was able to make my husband feel loved and my soul mate!"


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